SUE-ANN ROBINSON has been a featured speaker at conferences and events throughout the country during her career. Providing valuable information and prospective insight on legal, political, and cultural matters and their affect on society at large.




She has given lectures at the University of Miami School of Law, Florida International University College of Law, City of Tamarac, National Bar Association, Florida Bar Association, National Trial Lawyers and many other prestigious organizations.


Crisis Manager

Decisively and proactively implementing concise action plans for immediate de-escalation and resolution while creating protocols to identify future threats before they  become full on crises.



Legal Consultant

A graduate of the Florida International University College of Law with over 16 years of practice and recognition from Super Lawyers, The National Black Lawyers as one of the top 40 Black lawyers under 40, and one of “Top Ten Black Women Lawyers You Should Know” in Black Enterprise Magazine. She has served as Lead Counsel in her capacity as Assistant State Attorney, and in her private practice. A revered litigator amongst the most talented legal circles.



Diversity and Inclusion Expert

Being on the frontlines of the engagement of civil rights both in the courts and amongst the people has bestowed upon her a truly one of a kind macro understanding of  policy and instruction  that create truly inclusive company culture.




A skilled communicator offering professional and intellectual insight on a variety of topics, from legal matters to current events. Her distinctive oratory skills and ability to be unabashedly real and genuine have earned her the trust of the culture.

Media Consultant

Blending her passion for both law and media she has made herself a staple of national television by regularly appearing on networks like Court TV, STARZ, VH1, Fox, CNN, Newsmax, and Revolt TV. Whilst also previously anchoring the nationally syndicated morning show Daily Buzz.